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The Netherlands
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Empower European Universities Conference

November 22-23, 2011
the Netherlands

As a corresponding member of the EEU, expert or observer you are kindly invited to attend the Empower European Universities Meeting in Maastricht on November 22/23, 2011.

The meeting is geared towards the scoring of University Policies in the EU Member States. Its aim is to come to a collective agreement on the importance of different indicators of higher education policy for the (potential) contribution of universities towards sustainable, balanced and equitable economic growth and social cohesion within a country or region.

Quite a tall order! During this meeting we will bring to the table all existing scientific insights on the relations between different indicators of higher education policy on the one, and solid social and economic progress on the other hand. In collaboration we will seek the commitment from Governments of EU Member States to take these insights serious.

This meeting focuses on the Framework for Scoring University Policies. A second meeting in Maastricht will be held on June 22/23, 2012. We will then discuss the scores of the EU Member States, as acquired by the correspondents. These scores will be published subsequently as an incentive for Governments and universities alike to do better.

Please register online through this website.

Some background notes:

The NGO Empower European Universities (EEU) as a fully independent organization has embarked on the establishment of a European monitoring system of EU country university policies with the aim of inducing the policy changes necessary for improved university performance. The roots of EEU are the Manifesto “Empower European Universities” which resulted from a meeting of some 20 top experts and former ministers in Brussels on June 16-17, 2010 (see: The Manifesto states that universities could contribute so much more to European societies in their struggle with economic, demographic and environmental development, as well as with the challenge of social cohesion if they would be better empowered. The general idea of the monitoring system is to measure the degree of empowerment of universities in European countries, created by governmental university policies. The underlying assumption is that the higher the empowerment the better the performance potentials of universities. A periodic monitoring could highlight positive or dangerous developments in specific countries and could reveal the trends in Europe. It could be the qualitative and quantitative basis for the call for empowerment.

The November, 2011 and June 2012 meetings are sponsored by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research and Educational Testing Service.